What is an LCSW?

It stands for, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. It means I am licensed by California Board of Behavioral Sciences and the national Association of Social Work Board.

“The LCSW practices a type of mental health therapy that is strength based, meaning that they work with the client to find out what strong natural skills and talents they possess that can be used as a launching point to tackle issues causing hardship in the individual’s life. The social work framework for mental health therapy is very holistic, it will take into account not only the individual client’s emotional and psychological makeup, but also societal and environmental factors that can impact the well-being of the client.”

I'm still not sure but I would like to know more on how you can help me.

Call me! I provide a free 15-min consultation on the phone so we can discuss your specific questions and needs.

I'm in constant physical pain, how can therapy help me?

Pain conditions include several aspects; physiological, psychological, and emotional. A combination of psychotherapy and medical treatment is found to more effective in the treatment of chronic pain conditions. A person who has pain tends to avoid doing things that provoke their symptoms, leading to reduced activity levels, loss of functioning, lower self-esteem, difficulty sleeping and much more. These secondary symptoms have a high impact on the individuals mood, relationships, daily functioning and the management of pain. Cognitive behavioral approaches aim to improve the way an individual manages and copes with their pain therefore reducing those secondary symptoms.

How does therapy look like?

Each session will typically be 50-minutes however for the first session I would anticipate 60 to 75-minutes. At the initial session we will review what entails psychotherapy and my role in our therapeutic relationship. I will spend time asking you questions to gain an understanding of what brought you to therapy, your history, and what you hope to gain from therapy. After that we can plan on weekly or bi-weekly sessions depending on your needs. I will also work with you to develop your specific goals for treatment.

What are your fees?

Please call me to discuss the fees and available payment options. I accept cash, check or credit card. I am happy to discuss sliding scale rates if it meets your needs. Also, I am a provider with Medicare, and CIGNA.

I just need a few sessions to get back on track, Is that possible?

Of course! Brief, solution focused, or problem solving therapies are very effective for those in need of extra support or who are in crisis!

What if I change my mind after the first session?

You have the right to stop treatment at any time. However, should you decide not to continue with therapy, I will discuss the risks and advise you on other options/resources available for you.


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